Our Story

In 2012 we opened our doors to a small infinity scarf company on Etsy. This company, grew more quickly than anyone could have imagined. Our scarves were pinned hundreds of times on Pinterest, added to well-known blogs and some these scarves had tens of thousands of views on Etsy. With a focus on giving back to the community, One for One Creations grew steadily making us wonder what more we could do with this tremendous opportunity.

Today, we are pleased to present our customers with Sweater Weather Co. Founded by Grace Reband in 2012 this company exhibits the same principals as One for One Creations – to provide you with quality fashion pieces while supporting local and national charities. Sweater Weather Co. strives to give you reasonably priced trendy pieces to add to your ever-evolving wardrobe. Thank you for shopping at Sweater Weather Co.